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This 30 x 60" 100% Terry/ Velour Cotton Beach Towel Celebrates The Entrepreneur And Humanitarian Elizabeth Keckley (c. 1818 -1907).  After Paying For Her Freedom, Ms. Keckley Left Virgina And Headed To Washington, D.C. To Open Her Own Dressmaking Shop.  Mary Todd Lincoln Was A Close Friend And Customer Of Elizabeth Keckley. 

Elizabeth Keckley Beach Towel

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Beach Towel
  • Your Towel is 100% Cotton - In order to reduce freight cost, towels have been compressed. Please WASH and DRY BEFORE using them. They will fluff up and look amazing! Follow the instructions listed on the towel label. Bleach can damage towels. Use bleach sparingly, if at all.

        Wash Colors Separately – Avoid Fabric Softeners - Do not wash different types of towels together. Wash each color separately. Do not use fabric softeners which can reduce absorbency and PLEASE… do not overload your washer or dryer as it may cause your towels to weaken or possibly fray.

        Wash & machine-dry all towels before their use! Nothing will take more lint out of the towel than a few good spin cycles in the dryer. Remember to clean the lint trap before and after each drying cycle. It is recommended to soak new towels in a cup of white vinegar, ½ cup of detergent and several gallons of warm water. This will dissolve any oils or treatments in the fabric that inhibit absorbency. This will help release lint, break the towels in and keep them fresh.


    Standard Premium Color Towels - These towels are to be washed in Cold water and No bleach is to be used. Please do not mix different colors of towels when washing.

  • Items (non-customized) purchased on this website can be exchanged within 14 days for another item of equal dollar value.  Cost to ship replaced item: $7.95...

    For custom orders we're sorry, but we can not accept returns after product has been approved by customer. 

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