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Nanny Queen Maroon is memorialized in a 1.5" Oval brass medallion with 14kg plating on a 20" Chain (chain size is flexible). This a bold piece with 3mm thickness!


In the early 18th century, Nanny trained her fellow Maroons in the art of guerilla warfare and led her community to freedom from British enslavers. The British fought Nanny and her maroon troops for six years. 


In the mid 1700s, in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica, Nanny Town was established.  For her military brilliance, Nanny is known as Queen of the Maroons and has become an iconic figure in Jamaican history. She is memorialized in poems, portraits, and currency. 


Nanny Queen Maroon

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  • This item can be made in other precious metals, pricing is based on the daily rate of gold/silver/platinum in penny weights. 

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