Houston, Texas - Historical Dream Trunk Show

March 1, 2016

And we travel... yep, if you invite us we will travel to your city to do a Trunk Show.  We enjoy sharing our mission and products with our sisters and brothers everywhere.  On February 12, 2016 we visited Houston, Texas where we were met with wide open arms.  Historical Dream was a feature on the Great Day Houston moring show with Deborah Duncan.  Then we later set up a Trunk Show with the help of John Guess, the CEO of the Houston Museum of African American Art (HMAAC).  More than 250 people came out to the Trunk show.  Items that were of popular demand were the ones with images of Phyllis Wheatley and Crispus Attucks.  There are highschools commemorating these long-ago heroes.  


See photos below (we had a blast):