#Frederick Douglass Had The Value Associated with Imagery Down to A Science... #HistoricalDream Follows Suit

August 2, 2016


Giving credit where credit is due is a mantra to be respected.  Today I read an article by David Brooks of the New York Times who through his most recent Opinion Piece brought forward the importance of imagery and its impact on many wherever they maybe socially. The piece entitled " How Artists Change the World" [www.nytimes.com/2016/08/02/opinion/how-artists-change-the-world.] speaks to how clever and brilliant Frederick Douglass was perpetuating progressive, mindful, and powerful imagery that can last in the consciousness of our nation yester-years, today and centuries to follow.  It has been said that Mr. Douglass sat for more than 100 different photo sessions where he was clear on his pose, his expression, and the setting.  His intent was to relay the need to break the confining predisposition his brethren had of men from different ethnic backgrounds.  Frederick Douglass knew how powerful imagery could be to change the unconscious mind.   This in my mind was a brilliant way to affect social change and consciousness.   


There are many other historic ethnic trailblazers who proclaimed their right for legal justice and prosperity that are progressively portrayed through imagery.  Seeing more of this is healthy for us all.  United States of America is blessed to have the DNA of strong, daring and brilliant people who refuse to rest on what's common place.  


Chief Sitting Bull, Maria Ampara De Burton, Wong Chin Foo, Harriet Tubman, Dalip Singh Saund, Feng Shan Ho, Phyllis Wheatley, Charles Drew, Octaviano Larrazolo, , Sylvia Mendez, Henry Hajimu Fujii and many many more leaders from diverse ethnic backgrounds are deserving of everyday announcements of how they shaped our nation. 

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