National/ International Women's Month 2019

March 9, 2019

There's power in people and there's absolutely power exuding from women.  Fortunately, we're a society that has won the fight to have our voices heard and rise to corporate and political stature.  We have a long line-up of women who've done wonders for this country, that country and all around the world.  What a blessing to have a compliment to men who know how to make things happen!!! Right!! Women, we roar, we strive, we persevere and we stand up for what's right and hang in there when things are tough.  Actually, not all women can be characterized this way but we're here to sing the praises of all those who have the gumption to take on the fight (covertly or overtly) that's needed, and motivate or simply represent those women who are without the energy to do so themselves...


 This month we celebrate women around the globe and those particular to our nation and nation's history who have made a difference.  The areas of accomplishments are vast so we must not limit us.  Think about women suffragists, women abolitionists, women artists, women homemakers, women educators, women politicians, women poets, women Journalists, women physicians, women therapists, women mathematicians, women entrepreneurs, women astronauts, stunt women, women producers, women directors, women photographers, and on and on and on.  Let's salute the women who have stood behind, stood beside, stood in front of us.  With this energy, we're destined to keep our progressive movements active.  


See the hight lighted women pictured in this post.  You may know them or maybe not.  The objective is to be mindful of all the women who've come before us to make our gender proud and make a mark in this world somehow some way.


A renowned poet once quoted words that can set the right mental imagery for a forward thinking mind, "We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated"... Maya Angelou.  Let's keep it going ladies.  We're an exciting lot of people... Love you all!


Captured in the image above: Eleanor Roosevelt; Harriet Tubman; Phyllis Wheatley; Lucretia Mott; Elizabeth Keckley; Selika Lazevski; Pearl Anna Neal; and two anonymous ladies of distinction.


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